My Android Workflow

Published 2023-01-05

The following is a list of useful tips, apps, etc. that I use that attempt to respect the following:

  1. Privacy
  2. Security
  3. Free and Open Source
  4. Convenience and Usability


Sandboxed Google Play: Apps -> Google Play services -> Install

App Stores

Tips and Tricks

Banking and Financial Apps

These apps often have many "safety" checks in place to insure app integrity. If apps are crashing on launch, the following tips may help:

  1. Enable native code debugging: Settings -> Security -> Enable native code debugging
  2. Exploit protection compatibility mode: Settings -> Apps -> [my app] -> Advanced -> Exploit protection compatibility mode
  3. Install app from official Google Playstore. Apps can check where they were installed from (i.e. AuroraOSS), and not launch.


Incomplete list of apps.