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FRC Kickoff 2019

About Me

Hello, I am Daniel. I like cool stuff and I like to learn cool stuff.


University of Florida

  • College of Engineering
    • B.S. in Computer Science (honors)
    • Minor in Physics
  • College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • B.S. in Mathematics (honors)

Study Interests

Quantum Computing and Quantum Information. Quantum Mechanics. Robotics. Machine Learning. Computer Vision. Controls.


Some interesting projects roughly ordered in reverse chronological order.

Oval (deprecated)

  • A solution for email privacy and spam. The web interface allows for users to create temporary or vendor-based e-mail addresses tied to specific vendors, events, or short term communication needs.


  • My humble journey to developing class 4 autonomy


  • LLVM-c
  • A simple c-style language using menhir, ocamllex, and LLVM


  • UtilAR
  • An Augmented Reality Utility Visualization App

BC Clone

  • via ANTLR4
    • ANTLR4 for Grammar/Lexer and generating Java-structed Abstract Syntax Trees (AST) which are parsed and evaluted.
  • via OCAML
    • OCAML for parsing and evaluting AST

Spin Qubit Lab

  • Simulate the device-level characteristics of spin-based quantum gates.


  • Subjugator
  • Stereo-imaging for 3D pose estimation.
  • Imaging sonar for 3D pointcloud generation and obstacle avoidance.
  • Navigator
  • Point Cloud Object Detection and Recognition
    • Uses Lidar to cluster objects in 3D space
    • Used for obsticale avoidance
    • Used for object recognition, offering a framework for external classification

Access Level to Linux Kernel

  • PDF
  • Modify the linux kernel to add sys. calls and system functions that manages access levels (within Arch Linux distro.)


  • Groundr
  • An open source labeling tool built with AngularJS and Flask for Swamphacks


  • Dim35
  • A multiplayer RPG platformer developed for Intro. to Software Engineering
  • Developed using the open source game engine Godot
  • Uses ENet for reliable UDP networking

Galaxy Blasters

  • Galaxy Blasters
  • A multiplayer 2D shooter arena based on geometric shapes
  • Uses SFML library for graphics and networking

Course Selection

  • Monte-carlo method for selecting a feasible class schedule given selected times.


First Robotics Competition (FRC)

  • Founding member for a local high school robotics team
  • After graduating, provided advice and help, and taught programming to students.


  • Gave talks for the Advanced Programming section during FRC kickoffs


Some interesting coursework...

Quantum Information Science

A course that introduces theory and practice of quantum computation offered by edx. Taught by Dr. Chaung and Dr. Shor.

Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics 2

Instructor: Dr. Muttalib

Topics include:

  • Symmetries and conservation laws
  • Time independent pertubation theory
  • Variational principle
  • WKB approximation
  • Scattering
  • Quantum Dynamics
  • Entanglement

Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics 1

An introductory, non-relativisic quantum mechanics course taught by Dr. Meisel.

Abstract Algebra

An introduction to algebra, concentrating on the theory of group and rings. Taught by Dr. Vatter.

Programming Language Concepts

Instructor: Dr. Dobra

Topics include:

  • Regular expressions and context-free grammars
  • Compiler implementation
  • Complex, multi-language toolchains
  • Various programming paradigms (object-oriented, imperative, functional, logic, and other exotic ones).
  • Language implementation considerations
  • Language design considerations

Math Intelligent Systems

A graduate course in "math topics CS students are too afraid to ask." Topics include Hilbert Space, Constrained Optimization, Convolutions and Fourier Transforms, Probability Theory, Information Theory.

Advanced Data Structures

A graduate course covering data structures and algorithms that are aware of modern memory-hierarchy.

Analysis and Design of Algorithms

A graduate course studying and designing algorithms.

Computer Vision

A course in computer vision introducing well-known algorithms, along with new topics in the field. Taught by Dr. Vermuri.

Elements of Machine Intelligence

A graduate course providing an overview of machine intelligence and machine learning. Taught by Dr. Principe and Dr. Zare.

Advanced Calculus

A (2-semester) introductory course covering topics in real analysis. Taught by Dr. Keesling.

Functions of a Complex Variable

Partial Differential Equations

Linear Algebra

Intro. to Numerical Analysis

Digital Logic

Operating Systems

Computer Networking Fundamentals

Information and Database Systems