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About Me

Hello, I am Daniel. I like cool stuff and I like to learn cool stuff.


University of Florida

Study Interests

Quantum Computing and Quantum Information. Quantum Mechanics. Robotics. Machine Learning. Computer Vision. Controls.


Some interesting projects roughly ordered in reverse chronological order.

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BC Clone

Spin Qubit Lab


Access Level to Linux Kernel



Galaxy Blasters

Course Selection


First Robotics Competition (FRC)



Some interesting coursework...

Quantum Information Science

A course that introduces theory and practice of quantum computation offered by edx. Taught by Dr. Chaung and Dr. Shor.

Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics 2

Instructor: Dr. Muttalib

Topics include:

Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics 1

An introductory, non-relativisic quantum mechanics course taught by Dr. Meisel.

Abstract Algebra

An introduction to algebra, concentrating on the theory of group and rings. Taught by Dr. Vatter.

Programming Language Concepts

Instructor: Dr. Dobra

Topics include:

Math Intelligent Systems

A graduate course in "math topics CS students are too afraid to ask." Topics include Hilbert Space, Constrained Optimization, Convolutions and Fourier Transforms, Probability Theory, Information Theory.

Advanced Data Structures

A graduate course covering data structures and algorithms that are aware of modern memory-hierarchy.

Analysis and Design of Algorithms

A graduate course studying and designing algorithms.

Computer Vision

A course in computer vision introducing well-known algorithms, along with new topics in the field. Taught by Dr. Vermuri.

Elements of Machine Intelligence

A graduate course providing an overview of machine intelligence and machine learning. Taught by Dr. Principe and Dr. Zare.

Advanced Calculus

A (2-semester) introductory course covering topics in real analysis. Taught by Dr. Keesling.

Functions of a Complex Variable

Partial Differential Equations

Linear Algebra

Intro. to Numerical Analysis

Digital Logic

Operating Systems

Computer Networking Fundamentals

Information and Database Systems